First installment of my 30 Magical Girl Challenge, 1-6! 



1: Candy Cat! I don’t know if anyone remembers Desuko, a parody character I made once. I felt bad for her so she got a revamp as the super spunky idol Candycat!

2: Gnome is a comrade/team mate of Salamander’s.. (Also seen as Day 15 in my monster girl challenge) she’s one strong spellcaster! No one can lift her rock staff but her.

3: Spearmint: A revamp of another parody mahou character I made, Kaori Minto. Now she’s an ice skating spear wielder!

4: Starless is the title of one of my active personal magical girl projects!! :) Her name is Kristen and she’s the leader of one of the teams. She was re-purposed from an old tmm fan oc haha oh god

5: Raspberry Rugby: Julia from my Cheers! drink group got a much needed redraw. She’s got super speed/jump and is crazy acrobatic! Normally she’s the captain of a college rugby team and does Crossfit. She’s probably one of my buffest gals now (along with Yrai omfg)

6: [NEO FLORA CANNON], an amputee with solar-ecofriendly mecha powers :) I was inspired by a magical girl generator name prompt and the pokemon attack “solarbeam” for this one, haha- thank you Ty for saving my butt for her design <3


Magical Girl Challenge, Set 2! (Set 1 is here!)

7: Prism Spectrum! I made this one up on the spot, what’s a little variety in the sea of 90% already-existing OCs? She’s valiant and noble and fights the forces of evil with her rain-bow and light arrows.

8: Martial Arts: This character, Mattie, is on the same team as Quinn, who is Day 22 “Feline” in my monster girl challenge. She’s the ninja of the group!

9: Senshi: I considered doing a fan senshi, I swear- but instead I chose fanart. HAVE MY FIRST EVER LONG OVERDUE SAILOR MOON FANART YAY

10: Goddess I don’t really have any god-tier magical girls, and I wasn’t particularly inclined to go make one up this time, so I did the closest thing to it. She’s not very mahou-y I suppose, but Clover’s (Formerly Aibi) story and nature are kinda goddessy. She’s a harpy now also…

11: Warrior Stone Brasier (Shoulda wrote this in there oops) Soleil is my dragon theif warrior girl of the sun… seen here and here. She’s not the most sparkly/frilly magical girl, but she’s got it where it counts.

12: Quaver Keynote! Another design whipped up outta nothing. Decided this challenge could use some chibi. I am particularly fond of her staff.

I’M STILL ALIVE SOMEHOW *claws at ground*



Set 3 of the 30 Day Magical Girl Challenge! Containing days 13-18!

*SET 1 HERE!*  *SET 2 HERE!*

13: Evil. Forgive me, she’s not very mahou-shoujo at all. I-I just wanted to do a companion piece to my day 10 Goddess prompt with her appropriate counterpart. So I guess that was indulgent on my part… s-she has magical powers though?? kinda?? idk /lays on side

14: Young/Little. SODAPOP! She’s Soda from my drink-tan brigade, being her spunky little energetic self. She’s supposed to be about ten, but a lot of my style is pretty blobby-moe so I can’t really tell if I aged her properly or not. (●´ω`●)ゞ

15: Princess. Princess Sunflower is my little ballerina, a companion to the Lilypad Princess I drew some time ago. You can also see her civilian form in this dump. I definitely aged her up too much in this drawing oh my gosh. B-b-but I still like it.

16: Aquatic. Again not nearly as magical girl as I could’ve gone… Sigh!! this originally started out as something else but time constraints led me to finish this one in a half-hearted hurry @w@;; Also, it’s dumdum Keira, one of my fanmews. wahaha!

17: Gunslinger. This one feels rather rushed and I’m so rusty at my lineless thing/was also rushing to finish this one.. not entirely happy with it but. The themes on this one probably don’t make sense to anyone but me, ahhhh. She’s vaquero inspired. Note to self, newspaper from here.

18: Mythological. PHOEBE MY PRECIOUS BABY SAVING MY DAY AND BRINGING BACK THE GLITTER TO THIS SET. I was fed up with how un-magical this installment was so I EXPLODED ALL OVER THE PAGE WITH CUTE SQUISHY STUFF. I also tried a different eye/face style, which I really… really like! I’m gonna try it again soon. She’s my favorite piece for the moment sob  (´∀`)♡ Lace from heree



Magical Girl Challenge: 19-24, Set 4! [SET 3] [SET 2] [SET 1]

Late on the update again but ayeee. Stella’s birthday and life type things.

19 Animal: Featuring Monique, my soccer loving hotheaded. I had SO MUCH FUN with this I’m tempted to do more like this sometime. She uses her big claws and can summon sword-like energy attacks with them.

20 Medical: THIS ONE WAS FORMERLY “PATRIOTIC”, just so you know. I’m not a big fan of patriotic ‘MERIKA stuff, and I didn’t feel comfortable enough to do another country, so I opted for the magic nurse type not listed here. Static is this eccentric middle-aged Filipina nurse that may or may not have a few screws loose. I like making some of my MGs questionable as far as whose side they’re on! I tried a pretty drastic style here, it was neat. Also yes, that is a defibrillator strapped to her back… Why do you ask? (`・ω・´)”

21 Ancient: An Aztec magical girl with the wind and lightning powers of Quetzalcoatl! I was a little nervous about this one, I didn’t want to offend anyone, but I think it’s a really cool mythos, and her team would probably be comprised of three other Aztec gods! I’d have to read up on it though ahah. She strikes me as a pretty firecracker and a bit of a speed demon.

22 Monster: I kind of imagined her magical girl name as something about demons and “Tyrant” or something to that affect. Grungy magical girls GO! IRL, her name is Bobbi, in her mid to late 20’s, this is practically how she dresses normally, and she paints things that challenge the patriarchy.

23 Fairytale: Oh my god this was a palette experiment and I LOVE how it turned out (after much encouragement from Ty waahaha) I know Lil Miss Muffet is more of a nursery rhyme, but y’know… I do what I want. She flies around on a spoon and is terrified of her mascot assistant, poor thing.

24 Singer: Featuring Canary, one of those loose floating MGs I’ve drawn a total of one times *u*;; She has wood/plant powers that she taps into by singing, hence her title. Don’t let her gentle demeanor fool you, she’s honestly quite a kid at heart.




30 Day Magical Girl Challenge! SET 5, 25-30! 

[SET 1] [SET 2] [SET 3] [SET 4]

25 Pirate: FEATURING RILU AKA TIGERSHARK AKA MY LITTLE SHIT. The anchor on her top got used in Ty’s cyberpunk AU as a decal even!! But yeah I went with something relatively simple/first-mate feeling instead of a captain this time. :P

26 Bug! Fairy Belle as a delicate beetle fairy magical girl with plant and wood powers, most likely. Her dress is based off a bluebell, which was what inspired her name :)

27 Oldschool: I struggled with this one a with several different ideas, but I ended up going with a classic bishoujo magical girl theme directly inspired off of- you guessed it- Utena. (In B4 someone says she’s kind of like anthy and utena’s lovechild… I’M SORRY I REALLY WANTED TO DO NATURAL AFRICAN AMERICAN PRINCESS HAIR FOR HER LOL) Her name is Linette and she is accidently gorgeous and noble all of the time.

28 Pajamas: This was an unusual and cute prompt, I went for a bedtime theme with a twist- tried to keep her clothes feeling vaguely PJ esque (like her housecoat and big pj pant legwarmers) but added a bit of magic to it. She’s a Sandman Spirit or something to that effect :)

29 Working: I knew right away I wanted to do a firefighter, and thought of fireflies, so that’s her codename. She’s an even-tempered, fair, and mature girl- perfect for someone dealing with such an unruly element.

30 Magical Boy: Featuring none other than my oc Atka in his more modern AU version with the blond streak- who said older grizzly guys can’t sport a little magic and mystery? ;)

Please do check out all 30 of these guys on my DeviantART!


why do i keep laughing at the thought of female!spiderman…(spidergirl? spiderwoman?) getting caught without her mask on and the dude who catches her just goes on a rant about ‘fake geek girls’ and how ‘that costume isn’t even accurate oh my god’ and ‘comic-con was last week’

and her secret identity is saved because some dudebro in a batman t-shirt thinks he’s hot shit 


Escape from the Spirit World: Avatar Yangchen (x)

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